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The donors could see the number of grants offered by them in the following table. You will find the name of village below your grant where your grants are distributed. 
  • The donor could find the details of recipients of their grant, i.e., details of student and their school from the following link: 


For Orphans and financially disadvantaged  school children in Pakistan

2020 – VILLAGES BENEFITED FROM YOUR EDUCATIONAL GRANT – 2020 – FULL GRANTS (Complete uniform, shoes, socks, school bag, notebooks and school fee)

No.Name of SponsorName of Grant / ScholarshipNumber of students benefited  Name of SponsorName of Grant / ScholarshipNumber of students benefited
1Dr Kazeem Salako (£60 annual grant for an orphan girl for 24 years)Dr Kazeem Salako (Shamsabd)  01 2Mr Sulaiman Badat (paid grants for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 respectively- one grant each year)  Sulaiman Badat (Marhoom) (shamsabad)  01
3Mr M Nosi Mohamed (paid grants for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 respectively- one grant each year)  M Nosi Mohamed (Marhoom) (Shamsabad)  01 4Meh Jabin MoghalMeh J Moghal (Shamsabad)05
5Mrs Mumtaz MalikMrs Mumtaz Malik (Shamsabad)12 6Mrs Rehana LatifMrs Rehana Latif (Shamsabad)12
7Dr Saad Al-IsmailNoor & Bilal (Shamsabad)18 8Mr Al MahamoundM Almahamound (Mial)60
9Mr Nav Raza (Veero, Shamsabad)Yahya Raza Grant  Raeesa Hussain Grant; Naveed Raza Two Grants Rs500 per month for each four Orphans students from June 1904 10.Mr Mohammed Al-Shehri (847)Mohmmad Al-Sheri (Shamsabad)01
11.Naif (849)  Naif (Shamsabad)01 12.Dr Pervaiz Ali (855)Dr Pervaiz Ali (Shamsabad)25
13.Syed Azhar Bukhari (882)Syed Suleman  Shah Bukhari  (Shamabad)10 14Syed Azhar Bukhari (sfa)Syed Suleman Shah Bukhari (Shamsabad)05

2020 – PARTIAL GRANTS (school bag, notebooks and stationery)

 Name of SponsorName of Grant / ScholarshipNumber of students benefited NoName of SponsorName of Grant / ScholarshipNumber of students benefited
1.Swansea University Mosque (Transferred from 2019)Swansea University Mosque (36 F.G.; 3 P.G.) (Shamsabad) (Painda 3 p.g.)      2Dr Latif SamarraiDr Latif Samarrai (Basia)06
3.Madam Z KhanZAHRA KHAN & ASGHAR KHAN (Kalu Khurd)36 4.Dr Bashir Ahmed BhatDr Bashir Ahmed Bhat (Malhoo, Khagwani)16
5.Anonymous (mah)  (823)Amaan Hussain (Pandak)08 6Mr Musadiq Moghal  (1) ppMusadiq Moghal (Shadi  Khan, Dhoke Afghan)33
7.Mr Yousif Al-HamdiYousif Al-Hamdi (Kuldathi)25 8Mr Sheheryar MoghalSheheryar Moghal (Darya, Pethi Pirzai)08
9.Mr Riaz Hassan (836)Riaz Hassan (Khura Khail)16 10.Mr Nasir Shahzad (824)Nasir Shahzad (Pethi Pirzai)08
11.Beth Waweru (831)Beth Waweru (Kalu Kalan)02 12.Mr Zafar Iqbal Majeed (830)Zafar Iqbal Majeed (Bhangi)35
13.Mr Ateeq Hassan (822)Ateeq Hassan (Shadi Khan)01 14.Dr Haroon AliDr Haroon Ali (Qibla Bandi 21, Dhoke Moghlan 12)33
15.Mr M S Iqbal (871)M. Shaukat Iqbal (Kalu Kalan, Malhoo, Kuldathi)  40 16.Anonymous (ni)Kind Soul (ni) (Kalu Kalan)02
17.Dr Fawwaz Arikat (839)Dr Fawwaz Arikat (Faqir Abad)    03 18.Sidra HayeSidra Haye (Pethi Pirzai)03
19.Syeda RahmanSyeda Rahman (Hameed)03 20.Mr Imran  AshradMARIYA & IBRAHIM (Painda)08
21.Dr Radhwan Abdulla (842)Adam, Yaya, Mohammad & Ayesha (Hameed)16 22.Swansea University Mosque (838)Swansea University Mosque (Taja Baja)06
23.Swansea University Mosque (844)Swansea University Mosque (Taja Baja)36 24.  Swansea University Mosque (845)Swansea University Mosque (Painda, Mial, Sahiba Kamala))46
25.Dr Akhtar Khan (846)Dr Akhtar Khan (Shamsabad, girls)23 26.Mr Mohammed Al-Shehri  (847)Mohmmad Al-Sheri (Nemat Abad)02
27.Mr Mohiz Shah (848)Mohiz Shah (Namet Abad)02 28.Abu AbdullahAbu Abdullah (Faqir Abad)03
29Rayyan Khan (851)Rayyan Khan (Jatial)09 (only orphan students 30.Mr Alex Roberts (865)Alex Roberts Ahmed (Kalu Kalan)10
31.Haji M. Farooq (864)Haji M. Farooq (Shamsabad 4, Shah Pur 1, Khagwani 1)08 32.Mr Nasir Shahzad (863)Nasir Shahzad (Faqir Abad)03
33.Mr Ahmed Ashi (862)Ahmed Ashi (Walia)06 34.Mr Anwar Yasin (859)Anwar Yasin (Faqir Abad)03
35.Mr Kutaiba Dawod (858)Mohammad Kutaiba (Walia)06 36.Fael Kher – 1 (857)Fael Kher (Veero, Jatial, Darya, Muraria))16
37.Mr Hasan Al-Shahrani (856)Hasan Al-Shahrani (Dhoke Kawa)16 38.Mr Riaz ul Hassan (dd)Riaz ul Hassan (Mallahi Tola)09
39.Dr Bashir Ahmed Bhatt (854)Dr Bashir Ahmed Bhatt (Malhoo 12, Khagwani 37)33 40.Dr Akhtar Khan (852)Dr Akhtar Khan (Shamsabad, girls)03
41.Mr Adib Zeidan (861)Adib Zeidan (Faqir Abad)02 42.Anonymous ppgfKind Souls (Shah Pur)26
43.Mr Alkotiba Abdul Latif (866)Alkotiba Abdul Latif Faqir Abad)03 44.Mr Imran Rao (867)Imran Rao (Shah Pur, Kalu Kalan) 03
45.Mr Taha Idris (868)Taha Idris Faqir Abad)03 46.Dr  M Abid Hussain (869)Dr M Abid Hussain (Kalu Kalan)03
47.Swansea University Mosque (870)Ehtekaff76 48.Mr Abdulhayy Salloo (ppgf)Abdulhayy Salloo (Kalu Kalan)06
49.Mr Pervaiz Khan ppgfPervaiz Khan (Malla Kalan)04 50.Mr Atif Bashir (sfa)Atif Bashir (Taja Baja 17, )25
51.Dr Shahzad Lateef (sfa)Dr Shahzad Lateef (Hedra)05 52.Mr Aamir Ikram (sfa)Aamir Ikram (Saidan, Jatial)54
53.Dr R A Malik (sfa)Dr R A Malik (Kuldathi)04 54.T Khan (sfa)T Khan (Dhoke Kawa)02
55.Mr Nishith Desai – dd  Nishith Desai (Shah Pur)20 56.Mr M Awan – ddSaleem Awan (Kalu Kalan)04
57.Mr T Awan – ddTahir Awan Faqir Abad)04 58.Mr Imran Rao (873)Imran Rao (Kalu Kalan, Shah Pur)03
59.Mr Athar Hussain-ppgfAthar Hussain (Faqir Abad)04 60.Anonymous – ppgfKind Souls (1) (Kalu Kalan)  06
61.Mr Khalid Tasnim-sfaJibran (Faqir Abad)03 62.Syed Azhar Bokhari (dd)Syed S. Shah Bukhari (Faqir Abad)06
63.  ? 64.Dr Fawwaz Arikat (878)Dr Fawwaz Arikat (Faqir Abad)03
65.Dr Minshad Ansari (870)Dr Minshad Ansari (Jatial)03 66.Mr Jamal ElAdham (877)Jamal Eladham (Faqir Abad)08
67.Dr M Abid Hussain (1)Dr Abid Hussain (Faqir Abad)06 68.Mr Salihin Moghal (sfa)Salihin Moghal (Shadi Khan)16
69.Mr Abdelmoumen Benamer (pp)Abdelmoumen Benamer (Faqir Abad)0.75 70.Mr Mohammad Elmessary (pp)Mohammad Elmessary  (Faqir Abad)1.5
71.Fael Kher – 2 (881)Fael Kher (Jatial, Darya)17 72.Dr Mushtaq Wani – sfaDr Mushtaq Wani (Kalu Khurd, Namet Khan))04
73.Khalid Tasneem (883)JIBRAN (Faqir Abad)02 74Mr Azam Shah (ppgf)Duaa Shah (Faqir Abad)04
75.Mr Babar Ali (pp) – 1Babar Ali (Saman,Veero)16 76Dr M Abid Hussain (2)Dr Abid Hussain (Faqir Abad)08
77.Mr Babar Ali (pp) – 2Babar Ali (Veero, Saman)16 78.Dr Mushtaq Wani (pp)Dr Mushtaq Wani (Nemat Khan)08
79.Dr Fawzi Belblidia (pp)Dr Fawzi Belblidia (Garhi Mathani, Hedra)53 80.Mr Babar Ali (pp)- 3Babar Ali (Saman, Veero)32
81.Mr Musadiq Moghal (2) (pp)Musadiq Moghal (Dhoke Afghan)08 82.Mr Aamer Awan (sf)Aamer Awan (Hedra)16
83.Dr Shahzad  Ather (sf)Dr Mohammad Tahir & Madam Tanvir Tahir (Shamsabad, Kotha Kalan, Kalu Khurd, Basia, Taja Baja)166 84.Mr Musadiq Moghal (3)(pp)Musadiq Moghal (Namet Abad, Kalu Khurd)06
85.Abdel Moumen(sf)Good Soul (Taja Baja)03 86.Swansea Uni Mosque (957)Swansea University Mosque (Mial – boys)23
87.AA (956)Amine Anwar (Kalu Kalan)02 88.Anonymous (952)KIND SOUL (2) (Faqir Abad)03
89.Dr Khalid (953)Dr. Khalid (Kalu Kalan)01     


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