“It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him.” (Quran 22:37)

Sameera Foundation  is organising  Qurbani of Sacrificial cattle  for our members and donors for the benefit of disabled, orphans, widows, displaced and the poor sectors of the YEMEN. It is estimated that one share in an average sacrificial cow could cost about £120 (US$160) or one Lamb/Goat is £100 (US$140). The healthy animal will be slaughtered in the presence of our local Masjid Sheikhs and committee members. The sacrificial meat will be distributed for disabled, orphans, widows & poor families under the supervision of Foundation Volunteers.

The donors are  provided the photo of the sacrificial cattle along with a banner showing the names of the participant/ participants for that particular Qurbani. The details of donors are presented in the following table:




Qurbani For


1 Dr Mahaboob BashaAbdul Rahim (Marhoom)1 Lamb
206/07/2021Naveed RazaNaveed Raza1 Lamb
3 Ashraf RehmanZahra TasneemLamb
4 Alex RobertsAhmad Musafir1 Lamb
5  Linda Raznifa1 Lamb
6 S KhanS Khan1 Lamb
705/07/2021Khuram NasirKhuram Nasir1 Lamb
8 S M IqbalSadia Iqbal1 Lamb
910/07/2021Dr Shahzad AtherDr Shahzad Ather1 Lamb
1010/07/2021Dr Radwan AbdullaDr Radwan Abdulla1 Lamb
1111/07/2021Dr Deana Al-IsmailDr Deana Al-Ismail1 Lamb
1211/07/2021Dr Mushtaq WaniDr Mushtaq Wani1 Lamb
1312/07/2021Ojra and FarounOjra and Faroun1 Lamb
1412/07/2021STPM KhanSTPM KHAN1 Lamb
1512/07/2021STPM KhanSTPM KHAN1 Lamb
1612/07/2021STPM KhanSTPM KHAN1 Lamb
1712/07/2021Dr Hocine MatallahDr Hocine Matallah1 Lamb
1812/07/2021Azhar Mahmood Azhar Mahmood 1 Lamb
1913/07/2021Prof Tariq ButtYasmin Malik1 Lamb
2013/07/2021Prof Tariq ButtSaeeda Butt1 Lamb
2115/07/2021Arsalan Amine AnwarArsalan Amine Anwar1 Lamb
2215/07/2021Dr Assad ShamallakhAlla Shamallakh (Aden)1 Lamb
23  Karmel Shamallakh (Aden)1 Lamb
24  Faisal Shamallakh  (Aden)1 Lamb
2516/07/2021Dr Fawwaz Arikat Dr Fawaz Arikat  (Aden)1 Lamb
2616/07/2021Dr Zubair WaniDr Zubair Wani (Aden)1 Lamb
2715/07/2021Dr Bassam Ben IsmaelDr Bassam Ben Ismael  (Aden)1 Lamb
2801/07/2021Ramzan AhmadMushtaq Ahmed  (Attorba)1 Lamb
29  Ramzan S Ahmad (Attorba)1 Lamb
30  Qasim Ahmed (Attorba)1 Lamb
31  Shamila Ahmed (Attorba)1 Lamb
32  Saqib Ahmed (Attorba)1 Lamb
33  Shakeel Ahmad (Attorba)1 Lamb
3401/07/2021Dr Ahmad Al-Shami  Dr Ahmad Al-Shami  (sanaa)1 Lamb
35 Dr Ahmad Al-Shami  Dr AhmadAl-Shami (Sanaa)1 Lamb


 05/07/2021Hesham EmamHesham Emam1 share
  Ramadhan DonationsSWANSEA KIND SOULS1 share
 13/07/2021Hamed DawoudHamed  Dawoud1  share
 15/07/2021Rashid sb AberdareAbbas Rashid1 share
   Shazad Rashid1 share
   Amer Rashid1 share
 15/07/2021Ibrahim AbubakarIbrahim Abubakar1 share


  Ramadhan DonationSWANSEA KIND SOULS7 shares


 19/07/2021Dr. Ahmad Al-ShamiAhmad Al-Shami 

EID UL ADHA QURBANI IN YEMEN https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4447362888627716&id=100000621459893

EID UL ADHA QURBANI IN GAZA https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4450121571685181&id=100000621459893

EID UL ADHA QURBANI IN PAKISTAN https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4444100392287299&id=100000621459893

The details of donors  for 2020 Qurbani  as well as the photos of the distribution of sacrificial meat are  available at the following link: https://sameerafoundation.org/2020-eid-ul-adha-qurbani-for-poor-families-of-yemen/

Please let us know in advance so that we could buy the suitable numbers of sacrificial cattle (cow or bull and lamb/goat)) for this purpose. Please,  inform us  by 10th  of July 2021.   The amount can be paid to:

Sameera Foundation, Sort code: 20 76 89; Account No. 40338427  (ref Qurbani4yemen) or

IBAN:  GB52 BUKB 2076 8940 3384 27.

You could also pay on our website: www.sameerafoundation.org

Qurbani – Sacrifice, commonly known as Qurbani, means slaughter of an animal to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim ‘alayhis salaam’ on the 10th, 11th or 12th of the Islamic month of Zil Hijjah (around 19th  July 2021).

It is permissible for seven persons to share a sacrificial cow or a camel on the condition that no one’s share is less than one seventh and their intention is to offer Qurbani.

Who deserves the Qurbani?

  • Needy families who are unable to afford Qurbani and/or meat.
  • Lower middle class families who are unable to afford Qurbani .
  • Institutions such as orphanage, religious schools or low funded social groups.

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