It is extremely sad and heart breaking to see 225  orphans (boys and girls) cramped in rented two small rooms of Mpogo Orphanage in Uganda. 112 sleeping in one room and 113 sleeping in the other room on the ground floor.

With the Grace of Lord of Universe  we are given 750 sq. m  land for the construction of a proper orphanage. This land is gifted by KAUTA SOWALI for our partner RELIEF FOR NEEDY FOUNDATION UGANDA (RFNF). Sameera Foundation is hoping to construct a proper orphanage with seperate sections for boys and girls. 

May we request you to join  us to help  to build four large rooms to facilitate the orphans slightly. The estimated cost is £8,000 and we hope and request your  contribution for these orphans by donating at

Recently, Sameera Foundation, gifted the new dresses and school bags for these orphans. The event can be seen at the following link:


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