Executive Committee

Mrs Snober Bhangu showing her MBE Award

Mrs Bhangu, Snober

BA, MA, BEd, MBE [The MBE award was given to Snober by Her Majesty the Queen for contribution to education in the UK and for services to the community. Snober is a retired academic currently working part-time for the University of Cambridge and the IBO. As ongoing part of the community service she is an ambassador for Breast Cancer Care in the UK which involves raising awareness of breast care, especially for women from different ethnic backgrounds. Snober enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, embroidery and travelling.]

Mr Parvez Khan shakes hands with Mrs Hillary Clinton

Mr Khan, Parvez

[ BA – Education: American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon MS – Education: Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA Post MA – Education: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA Work: Diplomat. Director of Human Resources Hobbies: Travel and gardening]

Mr Mahaboob Basha, V.R.S.A.

Development Officer, University of Swansea. Modern Studies Diplomacy – University of Swansea


Mr Mahmood, Azhar

[Charted Accountant in USA]


Dr. Ather, Shahzad

 Currently working as a Colo-rectal  Surgeon at Morriston Hospital, Swansea. Graduated from King Edward Medical College Lahore , Pakistan and have worked in NHS for the last 18 years in the field of surgery. Have extensive experience in the field of medical research, teaching and management of  cancer patients and providing care for them.


Mr Malik, Saeed

[Project Management & Engineering Consultant in Saudi Arabia]

Dr Awan, Alweena

[ PhD, B.Ed. Hons., KRFP, IPTI, DPA assoc. Dr Alweena Awan completed a doctorate on Raising Children’s Learning and Performance in Schools, which involved researching the underlying problems of children’s learning and behavioural problems. This included researching the impact of retained reflexes, movement programmes and sound therapy on learning. She is the creator of CHILD (Centre for Holistic Improvement in Learning and Development) and offers information seminars and training to enhance children’s learning and behaviour. http://childcentremethod.com/ ]

 Sheikh Mohsen Abdul Ghani El-Beltagi

International Student Advisor, University of Swansea.

Imam of Swansea University Masjid


– Dr Shah, Farooq 

He obtained Ph.D. from Swansea University; M.Phil (Microbiology) from Quaid i Azam University, Pakistan and recipient of Chancellor Medal; B.Sc (Hons), Plant Pathology – UAAR, Pakistan – and recipient of Gold Medal; Research Officer/Assistant in Swansea University from 2000-2009 – Published 17 research articles and is one of the leading scientist in the field of  fungal bio control of insect pests/plant pathology. Over 9 years of working experience with international students in the UK. Founding member and current Chair of WICAS (Welsh Islamic cultural Association of Swansea – a registered UK charity); Member of Swansea University Mosque Management Committee. 

Prof. Malik, Rashid [at Junction of Brazil, Argentina (left bank of river Uruguay) and Parguay (right bank of river)]

Prof. Malik, Rashid

[79 years old. Formerly Prof. of Mech. Engg. Had performed academic, research, administrative and consulting responsibilities at various levels for Sheffield university (UK); Basrah University (Iraq); Ministry of Education – EFEI (Brazil); Sao Paulo State University (Unesp), Guarata Campus (Brazil); University of Brasilia – UnB (Brazil); University of Swansea, UK; Nucleus of Industrial Plant Condition Monitoring – Nipcomuk  and Sao Paulo State University (Unesp), Ilha Solteira Campus (Brazil) and University of Oxford . Recipients of a few Honours, Awards and Scholarships. Completely forgot his research, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Work !!! Now working as Coordinator for this Philanthropic Voluntary Charity.]


Mr Rana, Zaeem – BEng, Msc, Ceng, MIMEchE


Dr  Abdulla, Radwan 

Dr Radwan,   FRCOG is a Consultant  in Integrated sexual health with main interest contraception and HIV in pregnancy. He had worked in medicine in Yemen, Budapest and now working as a Consultant in Swansea





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