Our Mission

OUR MISSION is that every child living in a village has adequate access to Education, Health and Welfare facilities at par with the large town centres of Pakistan. That he / she should not be deprived of the basic necessities of education, health and welfare due to financial difficulties. The income levels are extremely low for residents of these villages and the government lacks the will or resources to facilitate the lives of these children. We endeavour that every child with or without any sort of disability is provided the opportunity for maximising his or her potentials not only at school but also through health, development and leisure activities.

OBJECTIVES The objectives for which the Foundation is established are:

  1. To arrange through donors and organisations or provide direct financial support for the school children living in poverty for the purchase of books, uniforms and other teaching materials.
  2. To provide limited humanitarian and financial support to the families of poor school children.
  3. To establish, operate or support libraries for educational purposes.
  4. To arrange through donors and organisations or to provide direct scholarships and prizes to those children that achieve good grades.
  5. To print, publish, issue and circulate regional journals or bulletins of an informative and educational nature, provided that it does not include any regional, political or religious conflict.
  6. To establish, maintain and develop appropriate centres for cares, leisure and recreational activities for children with neurological disorder or mental handicap.
  7. To establish, operate or support resident schools for orphans or abandoned children.
  8. To arrange from other donors and organisations or provide from the Foundation limited financial assistance for the medical treatment of poor and sick children.
  9. To circulate freely useful literature in the developing countries or under-developed countries about the nature, cure and precautions against any type of sickness or common diseases.
  10.  To facilitate life of rough sleepers, homeless, asylum seekers. refugees, isolated and/or vulnerable members of people in Wales.

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