The Chach (Abaseen Valley) is a region consisting of an alluvial plain and is about 19 miles (31 km) long (from east to west) and 9 miles (14 km) broad.  .  There are 87 villages in this relatively small but densely populated and the most disadvantaged region of Pakistan.

Sameera Foundation, a UK registered charity, works in the Chach region and observed that most of the orphans or financially disadvantaged girls are housebound without any skill to survive independently and honourably.  A generous donor gifted a plot of land and  the Foundation is constructing a Technical and Vocational Training Centre for orphans of this region (87 villages). This Centre will provide basic skills, trades and information technology to the housebound girls to increase their chances of employment to lead an independent and respectable life.  We hope to work with partners around the globe to empower more girls and women with the economic opportunities they need to act and engage as equals in society.

The orphans could also be imparted religious and basic education in the proposed centre in addition to technical skills.  The same centre could be utilised for training the orphan boys with skills to increase their chances of employment. In fact, this centre will also perform the function of a Multi-Purpose Welfare Centre for the poor segments of the villages by offering other facilities such as Health Camps, during college vacations, for FREE medical treatment of local, seasonal  and common diseases of Chach region. This is a unique opportunity for saddaqah jariah for as long as people will be trained and will earn a halal living for there families.

This project is a SADAQQAH JARIAH for the WELFARE AND FREE EDUCATION of orphan girls and boys of 87 poor villages.  It is estimated that construction of 5 class room could cost about £14,000 (US$18,000 excluding the cost of piece of land gifted by one of the Foundation Trustee. We started the construction, laid the foundations and one room is nearing completion.

The centre has 7 class rooms and the construction cost of one class room is about £2,000 to £2,500 depending on the room size. The Plan is attached for your consideration. We invite the Donors to reserve the construction of a class room dedicated to his/her name or your family name  as a SADDAQAH JARIAH. Your dedicated name will be kept forever.

We request you to help us and invite your relatives, colleagues and friends for this Welfare and Saddaqah Jariah project by generous donations.  The additional details about the plan of the Multi-Purpose Welfare Centre and its catchment area can be seen at:

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