We Need Your Help for Their Medical Treatment.

Mudassar is a 7 years old child and he started complaining about 4 months ago.  The M.R.I investigation was carried out by  NORI –  Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute, Islamabad,  about 3 month ago. Mudassar was diagnosed with brain cancer. He is getting treatment of Radiation Therapy at NORI. His father runs a small shop in the village and finds it hard financially to carry on the further treatment of his son.  We paid him a grant of Rs 13,000 for a second M.R.I to find the result of Radiation Therapy. The result was satisfactory.

Kainat Manzoor is a 12 year old girl from Shamsabad. She left school in 5th class due to her medical incapacity.  She finds it hard to stand. She was referred to NIRM (National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine), Islamabad but due to financial problems her parents could not take her for further treatment. We sent her for treatment with a Neurologist and we are paying for her medical treatment.

Sahirah d/o Gul Faraz is about 10 years old. She was a normal child with a normal health. A year ago her disability started in her left leg and now she walks in a distorted manner. She gets pain in the upper joint of her left leg. She can walk long distances with difficulty and in a distorted manner. She did not get any medical treatment due to financial difficulties. We sent her for further medical treatment with a bone specialist.

Nasir Mahmood  (17 yrs) was quite healthy and normal till 5 years of age. Suddenly his body parts started paralysing. Father died during his treatment. Left studies and can’t afford medical treatment. He is unable to walk on his feet and his disability is increasing day by day.

050Mohammad Zaheer (23 yrs) from Shamasabad village.  He is paralysed since 2009 and can’t afford medical treatment. This disable boy is looking after his sick mother, a widow sister and a 9 years old brother.

The charitable foundation took them  with their carers for medical check-up at National Institute of Rehabilitation Management, (NIRM) Islamabad. They were taken on 1st , 8th  and 22nd of October  2012 respectively. Some medical tests were performed at NIRM and some of the test will be carried out at Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS). It is diagnosed that the boys have bone problems and the girl has some Tissue problem. The medicines are prescribed for Zaheer for one month. A disability walker is purchased for Isra so that she could walk easily. A self-propelled wheelchair is purchased for Zahee so that he can drive freely in the whole village.  It is stated that their problems are curable with a prolonged medical treatment. We are waiting for the test results from NIRM of Isra and Nasir.

Isra Hanee (18 yrs) , student of 9th class from Shah Pur village. A very decent girl but unfortunately people laugh at her body weight, height and disability. She can’t walk easily without a support. She walks to school getting supports of walls on the way. She needs proper medical treatment. She has been provided a walker by the Foundation to facilitate her mobility.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT FOR THEIR MEDICAL TREATMENT.  You can make donation now online using credit or debit card or  by cheque payable to Sameera Foundation or by bank transfer or direct debit. Our address, bank details and contact addresses are also available on our website.  You can help the disabled persons directly through their telephone or at least you could pray for their recovery and forward our message to your e-mail contacts. We will inform you continuously about their medical progress if you provide your e-mail with your donation.

We acknowledge gratefully the donations from: Swansea University Mosque, Mr Aneel Bhangu, Rukia Awan and  Wasim Malik  for medical treatment.

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