“It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is piety that reaches Him” (Quran 22:37)

The Prophet (SAW) said: “There is a reward for every hair of the sacrificial animal”. (Ibn Majah, Ahmad)

Sameera Foundation organised a limited Qurbani arrangement for donors. We supervised Qurbani of 5 cows and two goats in villages of district Attock and Chakwal. The Qurbani meat was distributed  by our volunteers to the houses of widows, poor and needy families of the villages. The name of the participants of each Qurbani are shown in the list. We acknowledge hard work of organising committee consisting of  Abdur Raheel, Qazi Saeed ur Rehman, Fayaz Malik and Saeed Malik. May Allah SWT accept these Qurbanis and rewards the donors abundantly- Amen. The photos of Qurbani and distribution of meat for widows and poor families  will be available on the facebook very soon. 

The photos of 2017 Qurbani are available at the following limk:


The photos of our previous Qurbani projects can be seen at the following links:






The following  donors participated in the collective Qurbani Project:     

No. Donor No. Of shares
1 Begum Snober Bhangu 1
2 Begum Rukia Awan 1
3 Nawed Awan 1
4 Peiji Khan 1
5 Azhar Mahmood 1
6 Malik Abdul Muqsit (Marhom) 1
7 Azeem Shah 1
8 Dr Fawzi Belblidia 1
9 Mr & Mrs Rafique Awan 2
10 Mr & Mrs Saleem awan 2
11 Dr Hamdi Sati 1
12 Mohammad Iqbal 1
13 Dr Shahzad Ather 7
14 Dr Saad Al-Ismail 7
15 M Hassan Al-Shahrani Goat
16 Bashar Ingried Goat
17 Mr & Mrs Farooq Shah 2
18 Mr & Mrs Imran Rao 2
 19 Mr & Mrs Aamir Ikram 2
20 Syed Aslam Shah 2

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