2018 – RECIPIENTS OF EDUCATION GRANT (Orphans & financially disadvantaged students)

We acknowledge gratefully your donation offered for the academic session (April 2018) for education of orphans and financially disadvantaged children. May Allah SWT  acept your donation reward you abundantly.  Ameen

By the Grace of Allah Almighty, we completed the task of distribution of grant items to 66 schools scattered in 41 villages. The photos of recipients are available at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.967768953386471.1073741872.125171980979510&type=1&l=a16716cfbc

You could see the number of educational grants offered by you at the following link:


The grants either carry your name or the name suggested by you. The grants are recorded according to your donations so you may find your name repeated in case you paid various donations on different dates. We received requests from 1400 school students of 61 schools scattered in 37 villages. The donors could locate the village name benefited from their donations from the table available on the following link:


You could locate the name of village, benefited from your donation below the name of grant’s column and in next column you could find the number of beneficiaries. We received requests from 1400 school students and it was not possible to provide full grant to all of them, therefore,  you may notice that in some cases a full grant  is split into three partial grants  to support as many students as possible.  Once you have located the village, the details of recipients of your grants, their names, classes and schools are available at the following link:


FULL GRANT: (Uniform, shoes, socks, school bag,  note books & fee) 


Please, Click Here for  FULL GRANTS LIST


 PARTIAL GRANT: (School bag,  Note books &  Stationary)


Please, Click Here for PARTIAL GRANTS LIST


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