One Day Free Eye Medical Camp arranged by Sameera Foundation

The Sameera Foundation arranged one day Free Eye Medical Camp jointly with AlShifa Trust Eye Hospital, Rawalpindi. The camp was held in Shamasabad on 16th October 2012 from 10 AM to 3 PM. The people also came from the surrounding villages of Shah Pur, Veero, Tajabaja, Sahiba, Kamala and Samaan for free treatment of eyes. The staff of hospital treated 180 males, 240 females and 20 children. The AlShifa staff took eleven patients with them for admission into the hospital for free surgery and other eyes related treatment. A total of 450 visitors were benefited for free eye treatment, medicines, glasses and eye / cataract surgery.

This event was sponsored by the Swansea University Mosque donation especially for the medical welfare of poor and needy community of the villages. This event was excellently and professionally organised by the 20 volunteers of Awaz Voluntary Association.  We thank them for their hard work and effort for the welfare of disadvantaged community of the villages. We are grateful for the charitable contribution of eye specialists and staff AlShifa Trust Eye Hospital.


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