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Yemen is one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises. The forced displacement in YEMEN  produced vast hunger and millions of children, women and men are hardest hit by an unfortunate conflict raging from las three years. They need desperately support for food, shelter, healthcare and access to clean drinking water.

Without immediate help, the lives of millions are on risk. WE NEED TO ACT NOW. 21 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance; 14 million in need of food; about 3 million people have lost their homes and thousands of people have been killed.

Your time and donation can save an orphan child or a widow’s life. We are a 100% charity, works in a transparent manner and will keep you posted about the use of your donation. Please, donate generously for this humanitarian crisis at the following link.

Or send your donation to Sameera Foundation; Sort Code: 20-76-89; Account No: 40338427;    IBAN: GB43 BARC 20768940 338427

We acknowledge gratefully the donations of the following donors. May Allah SWT accept it and reward the donors abundantly. Ameen. 

No. Donor Donation
1 Dr Farooq Shah £100.00
2 Ahlam Nagi 40.00
3 Akram Al-Rabahi 10.00
4 Dr Radwan Abdulla 100.00
5 Muhammad Samad 10.00
6 Nabila Shamsan Azim 100.00
7 Steven Goodman 20.00
8 R A Malik 50.00
9 Swansea University Mosque (through Dr Radwan) 125.00
10 Swansea University Mosque (Through Mahaboob) 200.00
11 Sharifa Scerif 150.00
12 T Khan 5.00
13 Anwar Yasin 20.00
14 Dr Hocine Matalah 20.00
15 University Mosque Friday Collection 242.79
16 Dr Mahaboob Basha 50.00
17 University Mosque Friday 81.66
18 Wesam Al-Sakkaf 197.00
19 Anwar Yasin 50.00
20 A Benamer 30.00
21 Dr Minshad Ansari 40.00
22 Dr Shahin Uqaili 100.00
23 Swansea University Mosque 420.37
24 Dr Hamdi Sati 70.00
25 Dr A Rahim Zegugu 100.00
26 Dr Mahaboob Basha 50.00
27 Aamir Ikram 150.00
28 Anonymous (ni) 100.00
29 Anonymous (PPGF) 50.00
30 Dr Akhtar Ali 10.00
31 Anonymous (PPGF) 25.00
32 Anonymous (PPGF) 10.00
33 Anonymous (PPGF) 5.00
34 Khaled Bin Milad (PPGF) 10.00
  TOTAL 2,741.82




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