The Foundation arranged  30 wheelchairs to be given to persons with physical disability resident in different villages of Attock District. The event is jointly sponsored by the Sameera Foundation and Food for Kids, from Kids (Canada). We gratefully acknowledge the generous donations of the following donors:

No. Name No. of wheelchairs Donation Name for wheelchair   GIFT FROM 
1 Sameera Foundation £332.87 Gift from Sameera Foundation SF  Gift from Sameera Foundation
2 Ghazala Raana 7  Rs42,000 Gift from Food for Kids from Kids ffkfk  Gift from Food for Kids from Kids
3 Noreen Malik 2 £80.00 Gift from Food for Kids from Kids ffkfk Gift from Food for Kids from Kids
4 Dr Aaamer Hamed 3 £120.00 Dr Aamer Hamed SF Dr Amer Hamed
5 Peiji Khan 2 £81.06 Pervaiz Khan SF Pervaiz Khan
6 Naila Malik 3 £120.00 Naila Malik SF Naila Malik
7 Dr Mahaboob Basha 2 £80.00 Parents SF  AbdulRahiman Family & Assafdar Ali Family
8 Richard Daly 2 £80.00 Richard Daly SF Richard Daly
9 Aamir Awann 1 £40.00 Aamer Awann SF Muhammad Ismail Awan
10 Dr Ali Al-Hamdani 1 £40.00 Dr Ali Al-Hamdani SF Dr Ali Al-Hamdani
11 Awaz Foundation Donation Rs4,000.00 Donation
12 Ghazala Raana 3 Rs21,000 Food for Kids from Kids ffkfk  Gift from Food for Kids from Kids
13 Musaddiq Moghal 1 £48.10 Musaddiq Moghal SF Musaddiq Moghal
14 Sameera Foundation £120.00 Gift Sameera Foundation SF Amount transferred from Health and Disability account

The photos of distribution of wheelchairs for  persons with physical disabilities can be seen at the following link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.516510431845661.1073741853.125171980979510&type=3

May Allah SWT accept their donations and reward them abundantly. Ameen

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