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We are sure that every one of us did something useful for the people of village, during the holy month of Ramadhan, to reduce a tiny fraction of the poverty.

Amjad Malik and his team of volunteers made notables public gestures for the following charitable tasks:

A survey showed that 54 people are sitting in the Ahetekaff in 13 masjids of the village. His volunteers arranged an Iftar (of Chick peas pullao) on Friday night (17th August) for all the Ahtekaff people along with others who were present for Maghrib prayer in 15 masjids. The food was sponsored by a Donor.

Amjad and his volunteers also distributed 45 Eid packets, consisting of uncooked basic foods and sweet) to 45 deserving families of the village so that they could enjoy a comfortable Eid.  This event was sponsored by 6 donors and they know the names of the recipients.



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