Bulletin 2 – Ancestral Village Support

The Honorary Trustees (nominated for a period of one year) have recommended that the major contributors of Sameera Foundation may be invited to form the first executive committee of the Philanthropic Voluntary Foundation.

  • They will be responsible to look into the accounts of the foundation from time to time.
  • They will authorise the payments to the most deserving students (females and males) of the villages consisting of Shamasabad, Shah Pura, Veero, and Tajabaja.
  • They will also authorise the payments for poor and critically ill patients.
  • They will also authorise the suitable funds for the marriage of most deserving orphan girls.

They will also assess any other matter which is reckoned for the welfare of poor and needy public.

The executive committee is nominated for the period 1st September 2012 to 31 August 2013

The members of the Executive Committee are:

Mr. V. R. S. A. Mahaboob Basha (Swansea University, UK); Dr. A. Bhangu (UK);

Mrs. S. S. Bhangu (UK); Mr. P. Khan (Nigeria); Mr. A. Mahmood (USA); Miss N. Malik (UK);

Mr. S. Malik (Saudi Arabia); Mr. A. Malik (Pakistan Coordinator); Dr. R. Malik (UK Coordinator)



We received donations more than Rs 300,000/-. It is likely to increase in next few weeks.

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