Distribution of Food Packets for Financially Disadvantaged Widows

A list of 97 deserving widows of the villages of Shah Pur and Shamasabad was approved by Finance Committee (FC) on 14/01/2013. The widows of each mohalla were informed through their respective mosques to collect their food bags from the Buboo Ji Havelli. This Havelli has complete privacy for the widows to come and collect their food bags after due verification.

Mrs J A Malik (Chair FC), Mrs Bushra Naz (member FC) and Mrs Tabussam Qureshi (guest volunteer) supervised the distribution of food packets. They verified the identity of each widow by her identity card. The food packets contained the following ingredients:

Wheat Flour (10 Kg); Ghee (1 Kg); Tea (0.5 Kg); Sugar (2 Kg); Salt (1 Kg); Mung Lentil (0.5 Kg); Channa Dal (0.5 Kg); Matches (1 box) and face soap (1). The distribution of food packets was assisted by volunteers Khalid, Miss Tabussam, Ajmal Nawaz and Azhar.

The whole project is financed by the donations of Al-Khoei Islamic Centre, Swansea (Rs50,000/), Mr Azhar Mahmmod (Rs 25,000/) and Dr R A Malik (Rs25,000/-). We gratefully acknowledge their donations for this charitable project. May Allah accept their efforts and give rewards for it.








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