Proposed Distribution of Food Packets during Holy Month of Ramadhan for Widows and Poor

We are hoping to help a few hundred  widows and disadvantaged families during the Holy month of Ramadhan. Please, join us in this charitable task. 

“Alms are for the poor and the needy …………. [9:60]

Sameera Foundation is developing a Ramadhan Food Gift programme for widows and poor families in the villages of  Chach area, Pakistan. We hope to provide uncooked food items of about 20 Kg bags ( Squash or Sharbat e Rooh Afza bottle, dates, sugar, tea, ghee, cooking oil, basin, lentils and milk packets etc). We hope this will help a poor family to start the Holy month of Ramadhan peacefully and make Duaa for the donors. We hope, Inshah Allah, to help a few hundred deserving families and in this connection look forward for your donation from your charity, Sadaqah or Zakat or Fidhya.  The cost of one food bag is about £10 to £12. We promise to keep the programme transparent. We shall provide details to all the donors about the total donation received and where and on whom it was spent. The donors will get the full list of recipients with their names, addresses and signatures or thumb impressions. We look forward for your generous donation for the Holy month of Ramadhan  Food Programme to assist the poor families. If you wish to support this worthy cause, please let us know by e-mail. You could donate online or send directly to our accounts. The details are available on this website.


Name of Donor


1. Donor from USA

US$ 2,500

2. Second donor from USA

Rs 43,000

3. A medical student from Swansea

£ 225

4. Dr R A Malik

£ 250

5. Dr Atir Sultan Khan

£ 100

6. A severely disabled sister from Leicester

£ 100

7. A Kurdish donor

£ 10

8. Bhangu Family

£ 200

9. A donor from Nigeria

US$ 100

10. A donor from Kenya

US$ 50

11. A donor from Canada

US$ 50

12. A donor from Bradford

£ 25

13. Dr A R  Zegugu

£ 220

14. Mr N Khan

£ 150

15. Jaffer Foundation

£ 3,120.66

16. Mr & Mrs A. Khan (London)

£ 100

17. Donor (1) from Glasgow

£ 100

18. Donor (2) from Glasgow

£ 100

19. A donor from Saudi Arabia

£ 60

20. A donor from Pakistan

Rs 25,000

21. Dr Ali Al-Hamdani

£ 50

22. Miss Tabussam Uddin

£ 20

23. Mrs Sameera Butt

£ 25

24. A donor from Swansea University

£ 250

25.  Childcentre

 £ 50

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The Ramadhan Food Programme committee No. 1 consists of the following members:

Qari Saeed ur Rehman, Imam masjid of  Gaheeran; Misbah ul Haque, Imam masjid of   Molian; Hafiz  Mohammad Mujtabah, Imam masjid of  Shah Pur;  Mr Abdul Waheed Qureshi (member Finance Committee); Mr Abdur  Raheel, community member, Mr Fazal Qadir, caretaker of Ziarat Shah Baba (community member) and Mr Mohammad Qasim.

  • This committee  will recommend the food items to be purchased for each bag.
  • It will also negotiate with the local shopkeepers to find the best possible price for good quality  food items.
  • It will instruct the shop keeper to use a clean and large size suitable bag to contain all the food items. It will instruct the shopkeeper or supplier that each bag will bear the name or sign of the shop.
  • It will arrange the distribution of food bags for men and make arrangement for sending the food bags to the homes of elderly, sick or disabled beneficiary. In each case, the committee will take a signature or thumb impression of the beneficiary or his/her representative.
  • The committee will make any other appropriate arrangement to distribute the food bags in the best possible manner.
  • The committee will coordinate with the Sheikhs / Imams of the villages of  Shamsabad, Shah Pur, Taja Baja,  Sahiba, Kamala, Veero, Bassia, Syden, Kalu Khurd and Jatial the charitable activities for the benefits of widows and poor families.

The Ramadhan Food Programme committee No. 2  consists of the following members: Mrs J A Malik (Chair Finance Committee); Mrsa Bushra  Naz (Vice-Chair Finance Committee) and Mrs Tabussam Waheed.  This committee will be responsible for the distribution of food bags to females after verification of the identity and signature or thumb impression.

–          There will be two inspectors to examine the quality and quantity of the food items before distribution.  

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