We should have completed and finalised this project in April 2021. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and social distancing, our educational grants Programme for 2019-2020 realised in September/October 2020 instead of April 2020.  The whole educational system is disturbed in Pakistan. The Education Deptt. decided to start the academic session in August 2021 instead of starting it in April 2021. This caused serious delays in our programme.

Here are the lists of educational grants available for the period 2020-2021. We are racing against the time to distribute these grants within the month of August/September 2021. Unfortunately, none of the school is in a position to provide us the lists of orphans and most deserving students. It looks the process will be delayed by a few weeks.

 Ironically, our all-charity activities accumulated for the months of July and August due to virus pandemic as well due  to divine factors of  Eid ul Adha period.

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