Saint Francis Centre is a charitable non-profit organization registered with the Federal District of Brazil (DF) under the state registration number 27.762.116/0001-14. It provides care for 35 children between the ages of one and five years old. It is located in an extremely poor neighbourhood in Brasilia called Estrutural which was near Latin America’s biggest open-air landfill at the time. The centre is based in a small rented room 12 m by 8 m only. The majority of children are from single mothers who have been through difficult circumstances and are struggling to make a living, including victims of domestic violence and homeless mothers.
The St. Francis prepares the vulnerable children in the best possible way prior to starting a school. The philanthropic centre also supports their parents, in particular the single mothers so that they are able to work and make a living. Unfortunately, there are no state benefits available for these vulnerable children or for the single mothers.
The Saint Francis day care centre is passing through a lot of financial difficulties due to Coronavirus Pandemic and desperately needs your support to make both ends meet.


“Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in this reward” (Al-Tirmidhi)

The Distribution of Ramadhan Food Packs in Taiz, Sanaa, Aden and Attorba can be seen at the following links:


DateName £US$Mode
09/03/2021Mrs Marriam Ahmad            770.00 TotalGiving
29/03/2021C Prichard              10.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              10.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard                7.50 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard                6.99 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard                5.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard                5.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard                5.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard                2.50 sfa
29/03/2021S Anwar              10.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              12.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              15.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              15.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              25.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              25.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              25.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              50.00 sfa
29/03/2021C Prichard              65.00 sfa
01/04/2021Anwar Yassin                4.00 sfa
30/03/2021F Benamer              15.00 sfa
01/04/2021Gibby & Warren            100.00 sfa
03/04/2021M S Iqbal              1,000.00 Sfa
05/04/2021Aamir Ikram                  320.00 sfa
05/04/2021Mohammed Siddiqi                    83.81      111.00TotalGiving
05/04/2021Dr Hocine Matalah                    16.00 TotalGiving
05/04/2021Shefqet Tobli (Ref. Pholian)                    60.00 989
05/04/2021Dr Rauf Sheikh                  250.00 TotalGiving
06/04/2021Musaddaq Moghal                  200.00 TotalGiving
06/04/2021S T Khan                    50.00 sfa
06/04/2021Nadia Ali                    15.00 TotalGiving
07/04/2021Tabassum Uddin                    16.00 sfa
08/04/2021Dr Shahzad Lateef                    45.00 sfa
08/04/2021C Prichard                  100.00 sfa
08/04/2021Arsalan Amin                    30.00 990
09/04/2021S Anwar                    10.00 sfa
11/04/2021Ritaj Abedean                       5.00 TotalGiving
11/04/2021Adam Dad                       2.00 TotalGiving
12/04/2021S T Khan                  100.00 sfa
13/04/2021Al-Fajr Foundation, Scotland                  750.00 sfa
14/04/2021Dr R A Malik                    50.00 sfa
15/04/2021Anonymous Kind Soul                  100.00 sfa
16/04/2021Grammar  School, Leeds              6,000.00 sfa
17/04/2021Pholian (Ameena)                  500.00 sfa
19/04/2021Daily Charity Club                  125.00 sfa
19/04/2021M Mohammad                  150.00 sfa
19/04/2021D El-Bouri                  200.00 sfa
21/04/2021M A Katab                  200.00 sfa
22/04/2021F Benamer                    30.00 sfa
23/04/2021Dr Hocine Matalah                    60.00 sfa
25/04/2021Shawan Khadare                  500.00 TotalGiving
25/04/2021Khuram Nasir                    75.00 TotalGiving
26/04/2021Dr Abdula Radwan (honey)                  100.00 Sfa 
28/04/2021S Anwar                    10.00 sfa
28/04/2021Rana Ajaj                    50.00 sfa
28/04/2021Dr Akhtar Khan                  200.00 sfa
30/04/2021Talat Anjum                    80.00 TotalGiving
02/05/2021Haji M Farooq                  100.00 cheque
02/05/2021Musaddaq Moghal                  500.00 sfa
02/05/2021Dr Hocine Matalah                    30.00 TotalGiving
03/05/2021Imran Rao                    50.00 TotalGiving
03/05/2021Abdul Manan Ghousy                  100.00 TotalGiving
03/05/2021Rashid Elsofary                    20.00 TotalGiving
03/05/2021Fazila Gousy                  100.00 TotalGiving
04/05/2021Prof Tariq Butt (Uzra Butt)                  150.00 sfa
04/05/2021Dr Hocine Matalah                    30.00 TotalGiving
04/05/2021Gibby & Warren                  100.00 sfa
07/05/2021Naib Rahman                       2.00 TotalGiving
07/05/2021Omar Khalil                  999.00 TotalGiving
07/05/2021Omar Khalil                       1.00 TotalGiving
07/05/2021Caitlin Prichard (auction)                    10.00 sfa
09/05/2021Jamal Mohammed              1,000.00 TotalGiving
08/05/2021Gulshunara Nuree (Cup cakes)                    10.00 TotalGiving
10/05/2021Anwar Yasin                  100.00 Sfa
10/05/2021E Ismaiel (auction)                  100.00 sfa
10/05/2021Caitlin Prichard (auction)                  155.00 sfa
10/05/2021K B Uddin (eid candy)                       5.00 sfa
10/05/2021Sheik Abbass                       1.00 sfa
10/05/2021R G Choudhry (Leeds)                    50.00 sfa
10/05/2021S Anwar                    10.00 sfa
10/05/2021Selma Abdalla                    10.00 sfa
10/05/2021F Benamer  (eid)                    25.00 sfa
10/05/2021S T M Al-Hameed (auction                    25.00 sfa
10/05/2021Shere  Sris (Leeds)                    30.00 sfa
10/05/2021S T M Al-Hameed (auction                    60.00 sfa
10/05/2021Z Jawaid (Leeds)                  100.00 sfa
11/05/2021Fatiha Rahman                    10.00 sfa
11/05/2021Fatiha Rahman (eid cone)                    15.00 sfa
11/05/2021R Khan (auction)                  110.00 sfa
11/05/2021Dr Radwan Abdulla (honey)                    50.00 sfa
12/05/2021Anwar Yasin                    20.00 sfa
12/05/2021H Elhusseini (cake)                    25.00 sfa
12/05/2021H Elhusseini (eid sweet)                    50.00 sfa
11/05/2021Gulshunara Nuree-cup cakes                    10.00 TotalGiving
27/04/2021Nadeem Hussain (Ref1)                  280.00 sfa
16/05/2021Gulshanara Nuree                    20.00 TotalGiving



Sameera Foundation is getting ready to distribute  your GIFTED RAMADHAN FOOD  packs for disabled, orphans, widows, elderly, displaced and poor families of Yemen during the blessed month of Ramadhan. We shall distribute your gifted RAMADHAN food pack containing basic food items of £16 (US$20) for the neediest families. A donation of £16 (US$20), could feed an average family for a month. We are already distributing food packets since  2020 in the areas of Taiz, Aden, Hodeida, Sana’a and Attorba as shown in the following link:

Numerous diseases are already endemic in Yemen and years of civil war has displaced millions. More than 24 million Yemenis – 80% of the population – are in need of humanitarian assistance. Half of the country’s health facilities are dysfunctional and nearly a quarter of the country’s districts have no doctors.

It’s not too late to help! With your generous donations. We can provide food packs and support orphans who are in desperate need of our help. 100% of your donations will be applied to the cause. You could donate at    or at

The UN is warning that the international community is in a race against time to save Yemen, ravaged by years of man-made famine and war, now also seeing some of the highest mortality rates because of COVID-19. The UN says 17 per cent of those infected there are dying, and doctors warn a silent disaster is unfolding in the community.

According to Sky news, Coronavirus will ‘delete Yemen from maps all over the world’.

Reported by Sahl bin Sa’ad (may Allah be pleased with him), he said: “The Messenger of Wa Sallam said: “I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise,” showing his middle and index fingers and separating them.” [Sahih al-Bukhari].

Yemen: “COVID-19 has made the health system’s collapse complete”

“Millions of children could die” in YEMEN”

The Ramadhan Food Gift Packs distribution in  TAIZ, SANAA, ADEN and ATTORBA can be seen at the following link:

 We acknowledge gratefully the support of our generous donors which enabled us to distribute a few hundred food packs during the blessed month of Ramadhan. It will facilitate us to continue this humanitarian work during the whole year. The details of donations are presented below:



“Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in this reward” (Al-Tirmidhi)

By the Grace of Allah (SWT), we are now approaching the blessed month of Ramadhan. The Sameera Foundation, a UK Registered Charity no. 1154228, is working hard to distribute Ramadhan Food gift packets for widows, disabled, elderly and poor families in Pakistan. A food packet worth £15 (US$20) containing basic food elements will be given to the most deserving and poor families of the villages. We have lists of 800 widows, disabled and poor families scattered in poor villages of Pakistan.

We are different from any other registered or voluntary charity. We maintain transparency and the donor is informed at every step of how, where and with whom his/her donation is spent.

Please, donate from your Zakat, Sadaqah, Charity or Fidya on the following links: 

or  send your donation for: Sameera Foundation, Sort Code: 20-76-89; Account No. 40338427 or IBAN: GB52 BUKB 2076 8940 3384 27

Last year, our team delivered Food Gifts Packs at the door step of needy families due to corona virus pandemic and lockdown period.  Our previous donations and charitable food packets for Ramadhan 2020 can be seen at the following link:

The photos of complete distribution of Phase 1 and 2 can be seen at the following links:

May Allah SWT reward you for that, which you give, make it a cause for purification for you, and give you blessing on what you have left for yourself. Ameen

The distribution of Ramadhan Food Gift Packs since 13th April can be seen on the following links:










01/03/2021Prof Tariq But (Uzra Butt)       200.00  sfa
01/03/2021Prof Tariq But (Ashraf Butt)       200.00  sfa
28/03/2021Azhar Mahmood        76,000.00 
28/03/2021Dr Farooq Shah       150.00  TotalGiving
28/03/2021Dr Shahzad Ather       500.00  sfa
07/04/2021Dr Shahzad Ather        500.00  sfa
01/04/2021Hesham Eman          75.00  TotalGiving
01/04/2021Omer Bechar          55.00  TotalGiving
01/04/2021Pholian Ang       150.00  TotalGiving
02/04/2021Mohammad Siddiqi          75.51      100.00 TotalGiving
03/04/2021Pervaiz Khan       104.42      138.30 TotalGiving
15/04/2021M S Iqbal FAMILY    1,000.00  sfa
03/04/2021Dr Hamdi Sati (by mistake marked Yemen and text me to correct it)       150.00  sfa
05/04/2021Sarfaraz Ali (TDS Consult)          75.00   
05/04/2021Zahra Khan       164.19  totalgiving
05/04/2021Dr Rauf Sheikh       250.00  PayPal
06/04/2021Salihin Moghal       300.00  sf
19/04/2021Dr R A Malik        200.00  sf
08/04/2021Dr R A Malik           15.00  totalGiving
06/04/2021Tabassm Uddin          15.00  TotalGiving
08/04/2021Dr Shahzad Lateef          90.00  sfa
08/04/2021Kind Soul   ERROR
09/04/2021S T Khan          30.00  sfa
10/04/2021Meh Jabeen Moghal          50.00  TotalGiving
15/04/2021Aamir Ikram       450.00  sfa
11/04/2021Dr Zubair Wani          60.00  sfa
11/04/2021Snober Bhangu          50.00  sfa
12/04/2021Dr Mahaboob Basha       150.00  sfa
13/04/2021Tahsin Anwar            5.00  TotalGiving
13/04/2021Dr Mansoor Ahmed        289.47      500.00 TotalGiving
13/04/2021Abdul Mustaq            5.00  TotalGiving
13/04/2021Dr Hasham Almeshhedani          15.00  TotalGiving
15/04/2021Dr Shaheen Uqaili          50.00  sfa
15/04/2021Dr Shaheen Uqaili          50.00  sfa
16/04/2021Mrs Ramzan Ahmed          50.00  TotalGiving
17/04/2021Nadeem Mahmood (Naveeda)       100.00  TotalGiving
17/04/2021Rayhan El-Alami       100.00 TotalGiving
20/04/2021Muhammad Elmessary          20.00  TotalGiving
20/04/2021Sidra Haye         30.00 TotalGiving
20/04/2021P Ang (zakat Atif Bashir)       150.00  sfa
21/04/2021James Gibby       100.00  TotalGiving
21/04/2021Fareeh Malik       20,000.00UBL
23/04/2020Zafar Iqbal Majeed       110.00  sfa
23/04/2021Sheroz Hassan Malik       50,000.00UBL
23/04/2021Iqbal Family (from 3100)       100.00  sfa
23/04/2021Iqbal Family (Post Office)       100.00  sfa
25/04/2021Khuram Nasir          75.00  TotalGiving
25/04/2021Dr Mushtaq Wani          90.00  SMCH
25/04/2021Dr Deana Al_ismail          90.00  SMCH
22/04/2021Sh Javed       25,000.00UBL
27/04/2021Nadeem Hussain       270.00  sfa
27/04/2021Nadeem Hussain       250.00  sfa
28/04/2021Dr Akhtar Khan       100.00  sfa
05/05/2021Mrs Tahira Malik       20,000.00UBL-jara
29/04/2021Tabassum Shahid       200.00  TotalGiving
02/05/2021Haji M Farooq       100.00  cheque
03/05/2021Shoaib Hassan Khan/Mahnoor Khan       10,000.00UBL
03/05/2021Sarfraz Ali          50.00  ppgf
04/05/2021Riaz Hassan       100.00  sfa
04/05/2021Snober Bhangu(Rukia)       100.00  sfa
04/05/2021Prof Tariq Butt (Uzra Butt)       150.00  sfa
04/05/2021Anonymous       200.00  60
05/05/2021Dr Hocine Matallah          30.00  TotalGiving
06/05/2021Dr Fawzi Belblidia          30.00  TotalGiving
06/05/2021Rashid Hussain       30,000.00UBL
07/05/2021Haluk Savas          20.00  sfa
08/05/2021Amna Bukhari       200.00  TotalGiving
09/05/2021Dr Deana Al_ismail       100.00  TotalGiving
09/05/2021Dr Hocine Matallah          30.00  TotalGiving
10/05/2021Marriam Ahmad          50.00  TotalGiving
10/05/2021Faiza Malik       100.00  sfa
11/05/2021Good Soul            2.00  TotalGiving


Caring for orphans is a significant part of Islam. Orphans are mentioned 22 times in the Qur’an; their mistreatment is a serious sin, while nurturing and sponsoring them is an immensely valuable good deed.

’Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer’. [Muslim] We take this opportunity to invite you to join us by donating £3.00 (three pounds only)  monthly to sponsor an orphan in Yemen or Pakistan for a “FEW MONTHS ONLY” . This amount can provide basic necessities of a poor village child. Please, note that our charity works only in poor villages. We shall not ask you to sponsor for an indefinite period or for many years. You can sponsor as long as you find it convenient and you could opt out anytime you like.  We shall designate a new donor to replace you. The important details of the orphans and donors will be available on our website in a transparent manner. Our orphan sponsorship programme will put  you in regular contact with the child’s guardian if you desired so. Please, donate at ‘The Prophet (saw) said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,“and he (saw) held his two fingers together to illustrate’. [Bukhari

‘The Prophet (saw) said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,“and he (saw) held his two fingers together to illustrate’. [Bukhari]


The Yemen is suffering the biggest humanitarian crisis due to war, COVID-19 pandemic and poverty. The war has destroyed many school buildings and consequently a large number of school students or enrolled in small campuses. This is exactly the situation of Al-Mithaq School of Al-Miskarah, Taiz due to a man-made crisis. The three classroom school with 22 teachers is forced to teach 1,190 (650 boys and 540 girls) students from the first to the ninth grade. Many classes are being run under the sky without any protection from sun, rain, severe cold in winter or winds. The increased human suffering and drop out from school (especially girls) is decreasing the quality of education.
The community of Al-Mithaq school requested us to help them to build of more classrooms. Fortunately, the space is available for extension.





We started the distribution of Food Packs for needy families, widows and disabled  in the areas of Taiz, Aden, Alttorba, Sanaa and Hodeida.  We shall continue our work  up to August of 2021. The photos can be seen at the following links:

Numerous diseases are already endemic in Yemen and years of civil war has displaced millions. More than 24 million Yemenis – 80% of the population – are in need of humanitarian assistance. Half of the country’s health facilities are dysfunctional and nearly a quarter of the country’s districts have no doctors.

The UN is warning that the international community is in a race against time to save Yemen, ravaged by years of man-made famine and war, now also seeing some of the highest mortality rates because of COVID-19.  The UN says 17 per cent of those infected there are dying, and doctors warn a silent disaster is unfolding in the community.

According to Sky news, Coronavirus will ‘delete Yemen from maps all over the world’.

Sameera Foundation started the distribution of food packs for disabled, orphans, widows and poor families of Yemen. A donation of £15 could feed a desperate family for a month.

£100 for a Qurbani of sheep/goat or  a share of cattle Qurbani for £120 could feed many poor families.


“Millions of children could die” in YEMEN”

 It’s not too late to help! With your generous donations we can provide food packs and support orphans who are in desperate need of our help. 100% of your donations will be applied to the cause. You can sponsor an orphan by giving £10 a month and give them the life they deserve:

Reported by Sahl bin Sa’ad (may Allah be pleased with him), he said: “The Messenger of Wa Sallam said: “I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise,” showing his middle and index fingers and separating them.” [Sahih al-Bukhari].

We acknowledge gratefully the support of the following generous supporters. We could not have done it or will do it in the next 11 months without their support.



  FROM PROJECT No. 125    8,155.15 
 15/08/2020Amount paid for Oxygen Regulators for Khaleefa Hospital – 1,145.00 
 13/06/2006Dr Deana Al-Ismail        50.00TotalGiving
 21/05/2020Dr Deana Al-Ismail        50.00TotalGiving
 21/06/2020Dr Deana Al-Ismail        50.00TotalGiving
 26/06/2020Hocine Matallah        25.00TotalGiving
 07/07/2020Salamaan Rasul/Javeiria Rasul        100.00TotalGiving
 07/07/2020Dr R A Malik        50.00TotalGiving
 10/07/2020Nizar Dahan        75.00TotalGiving
 10/07/2020Noor Uddin          2.00TotalGiving
 11/07/2020Romam Nushtaq        21.88TotalGiving
 11/07/2020Rakhmat Jan      180.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020Zyd Sallie          5.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020Hocine Matallah        25.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020Noor Uddin          1.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020Maizarina Zakaria          5.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020Mohamme Tappewala          5.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020James Gibby        100.00TotalGiving
 12/07/2020Sayed Alvi        16.00TotalGiving
 14/07/2020Fatima Uddin        15.00TotalGiving
 15/07/2020Khaled Ben        15.00TotalGiving
 17/07/2020Khuram Nasir        100.00TotalGiving
 19/07/2020Talat Anjum      550.00TotalGiving
 21/07/2020Deana Al-Ismail        50.00TotalGiving
  BALANCE  for Food Packs   8,475.14 


 06/07/2020M A Rahman       50.00       50.00sfa
  Recorded in Qurbani Yemem sheet   
 Cakes4Yemen, Food Packs and Orphan Support & Others    
09/07/2020S AnwarMaramn            10.00sfa
10/07/2020N Chowdhurycakes4yemen       24.00           24.00sfa
13/07/2020H Elhsseinicakes4yemen       24.00           24.00sfa
13/07/2020D Abdul-Sattarcakes4yemen       72.00           72.00sfa
14/07/2020Gulnahar Begum2 food packs 2 orphans            50.00sfa
14/07/2020Dr A Awanundefined?            20.00sfa
15/07/2020C PrichardCAKE4YEMEN (Mehmet)          230.00sfa/c
15/07/2020C PrichardCAKE4YEMEN (Asma)          220.00sfa/c
21/07/2020M S Iqbal (first cake)CAKE4YEMEN (Iqbal)          230.00sfa
21/07/2020M S Iqbal (second cake)CAKE4YEMEN (Iqbal)          100.00sfa
03/08/2020C Prichardcake4yemen (3RD CAKE)            70.00sfa/c
15/07/2020C PrichardOrphans            55.00sfa/c
15/07/2020C PrichardFood packs            55.00sfa/c
15/07/2020F Benamercakes4yemen       24.00           24.00sfa
15/07/2020C PrichardFood packs            40.00sfa/c
15/07/2020C Prichardcakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa/c
17/07/2020C Prichardcakes4yemen       24.00           24.00sfa/c
17/07/2020M A RahmanSadaqa Yemen food            50.00sfa/c
17/07/2020AnonymousFood packs            10.00ppgf
20/07/2020C Prichardhoney4yemen            30.00sfa/c
20/07/2020R A Malikhoney4yemen            30.00sfa
20/07/2020P AngSadaqah Atif Bashir            60.00sfa
20/07/2020Abedan & Miahcakes4yemen       24.00           24.00sfa
20/07/2020M AliYemen charity            20.00sfa
20/07/2020Muhammad Ullahcakes4yemen       13.40           13.40sfa
20/07/2020A A AlshamiPPE 4YEMEN          200.00sfa
21/07/2020H Sallahhoney4yemen            50.00sfa 
21/07/2020M Choudhurycakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
21/07/2020R F Abedeancakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
21/07/2020M Choudhurycakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
21/07/2020Begum R/MIAH Mcakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
21/07/2020C Prichardcakes4yemen       36.00           36.00sfa/c
22/07/2020C Prichardcakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa/c
22/07/2020A Mustakcakes4yemen       17.00           17.00sfa
22/07/2020M Choudhurycakes4yemen       50.00           50.00sfa
22/07/2020R Zahancakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
23/07/2020R S Ahmedhoney4yemen – 2 honey            74.00sfa
 R S Ahmedcakes4yemen – 2 packs       24.00 sfa
23/07/2020M Choudhurycandy4yemen – 2 pack            24.00sfa
23/07/2020S T M Al-Hameedcandy4yemen            23.00sfa
23/07/2020F Benamereid card for yemen            25.00sfa
23/07/2020H Elhsseinicone4yemen            10.00sfa
24/07/2020Riza Al-Jibouryundefined?            15.00sfa
24/07/2020M N Imrancakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
24/07/2020D Abdul-Sattarcakes4yemen       24.00           24.00sfa
24/07/2020D Abdul-Sattarcandy4yemen               5.00sfa
27/07/2020Y Alicandy4yemen            10.00sfa
27/07/2020M A RahmanSadaqa Yemen Food pack            50.00sfa
27/07/2020T Rashidcakes4yemen       22.00           22.00sfa
27/07/2020M Elmekbatycandycones4yemen            10.00sfa
27/07/2020A Mustakcakes4yemen       12.00           12.00sfa
27/07/2020Yahya – SimplRef: BHZ            24.00sfa
29/07/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen               5.00sfa/c
29/07/2020C Prichardcard4yemen            12.00sfa/c
29/07/2020C Pricharddonation4yemen            20.00sfa/c
29/07/2020C Prichardcard4yemen            25.00sfa/c
29/07/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            20.00sfa/c
30/07/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            15.00sfa/c
30/07/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            35.00sfa/c
30/07/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            20.00sfa/c
30/07/2020Dr Mehmood Al-MeshehdaniTO be decided later          100.00sfa
31/07/2020S KhanTO be decided later          140.00sfa
 C PrichardAmount reimbursed for cakes4yemen supplier –       246.00 
04/08/2020D Abdul-Sattarorphans4yemen          200.00sfa
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            50.00sfa/c
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            12.00sfa/c
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            20.00sfa/c
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            10.00sfa/c
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            10.00sfa/c
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            15.00sfa/c
05/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            10.00sfa/c
07/08/2020M A ahmanSadaqah Yemen          100.00sfa
10/08/2020C Prichardhoney4yemen            50.00sfa/c
15/08/2020C Prichardhoney4yemen            10.00sfa/c
15/08/2020C Prichardhoney4yemen            10.00sfa/c
15/08/2020C Prichardhoney4yemen            10.00sfa/c
15/08/2020C Prichardhoney4yemen            10.00sfa/c
15/08/2020C Prichardcandycones4yemen            10.00sfa/c
17/08/2020M A Rahmansadaqah            50.00sfa
24/08/2020M A RahmanSadaqah            50.00sfa
27/08/2020C PrichardGeneral donation            30.00sfa
01/09/2020M A RahmanSadaqah            50.00sfa
01/09/2020M A RahmanSadaqah          100.00sfa
07/09/2020Dr Shaheen UqailiYemen charity            50.00sfa
10/09/2020Arsalan A minfood4yemen            30.00977



Yemen’s war has been going on for 5 Years now.

“Four people out of every five, 24 million people in all, need lifesaving aid in what remains the world’s largest humanitarian crisis”, said UN Secretary-General António Guterres.  We are *working on the ground in Yemen .

 Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, “Whoever slaughtered the sacrifice before the prayer, he just slaughtered it for himself, and whoever slaughtered it after the prayer, he slaughtered it at the right time and followed the tradition of the Muslims.” (Bukhari, 68/454)

Sameera Foundation arranged Eid ul Adha Qurbani programme in order to give free fresh meat to people in desperate need. With the generous support of our patrons we are arranging, in shah Allah, Qurbani of 3 bulls and 60 lambs in different parts of Yemen. The list of participants of this humanitarian programme are presented below. The Foundation expresses special thanks and gratitude for the hard work of sisters4yemen notably Caitlin Prichard for arranging most of the donations.





Donor Name

Name of Participant







Qurbani Sacrifice, commonly known as Qurbani, means slaughter of an animal to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim ‘alayhis salaam’ on the 10th, 11th or 12th of the Islamic month of Zil Hijjah (around 30th July 2020). It is permissible for seven persons to share a sacrificial cow or a camel on the condition that no one’s share is less than one seventh and their intention is to offer Qurbani.

Who deserves the Qurbani?

  • Needy families who are unable to afford Qurbani and/or meat.
  • Lower middle class families who are unable to afford Qurbani .

                   • Institutions such as orphanage, religious schools or low funded social groups.


We acknowledge the support of the following donors who participated and donated for this Occasion. May the Lord of Universe accept this Qurbani and reward them abundantly. Amen. By the Grace of Allah SWT we arranged the Qurbani of 6 cows/bulls in Chach region and 7th  Qurbani in Lyari, Karachi. The meat was distributed by our team from door to door for families in need in different parts of the villages of Shamsabad and Shah Pur. Our team distributed the meat in the poorest areas of Karachi viz., Lyari and  Manzoor Abad also. The photos of Qurbani are available at the following links:


DATE Display Name Amount Name of Grant Billing Country
1 06/10/2020 ROFIATH MOUSTAPHA       5.00 KIND SOUL CA
2 06/08/2020 Sulaiman Ali       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
3 06/08/2020 Tanvir Khan       5.00 KIND SOUL US
4 06/08/2020 Ghanwa Awan       1.00 KIND SOUL CA
5 06/08/2020 Valon Skenderi       5.00 KIND SOUL CH
6 06/08/2020 Atiq Ahamed       5.00 KIND SOUL US
7 06/08/2020 Ayma Khan       1.00 KIND SOUL US
8 06/08/2020 Jonathan Brewda       1.00 KIND SOUL US
9 06/07/2020 Humaid Sohail   100.00 HUMAID SAION (3 grants) CA
10 06/07/2020 Nurul Saion       1.00 KIND SOUL SG
11 06/07/2020 Nauman Amin       5.00 KIND SOUL US
12 06/07/2020 Abubakr Bhutta       1.00 KIND SOUL IE
13 06/07/2020 Sayed Alvi     10.00 KIND SOUL US
14 06/07/2020 Adam Sabah     30.00 ADAM SABAH (one grant) US
15 06/07/2020 Hagar Aboubakr     15.00 HAGAR ABOUBAKR (half grant) US
16 06/07/2020 Zaeem Rana       3.00 KIND SOUL GB
17 06/07/2020 Namra Ahmad     10.00 KIND SOUL US
18 06/07/2020 NOR AZIAH ISMAIL   100.00 NOR AZIAH ISMAIL (3 grants) US
19 06/07/2020 Bachir Al Sawaf     20.00 KIND SOUL DE
20 06/07/2020 Munirah Abdul Kadir       5.00 KIND SOUL SG
21 06/07/2020 Rawa Aldandash       5.00 KIND SOUL SA
22 06/07/2020 Za Seow     30.00 ZA SEOW (one grant) SG
23 06/07/2020 Ayma Khan       1.00 KIND SOUL US
24 06/07/2020 Jamie Qasim     30.00 JAMIE QASIM (one grant) US
25 06/07/2020 Nabiha Fayez       5.00 KIND SOUL SA
26 06/07/2020 Farhanul Islam       1.00 KIND SOUL GB
27 06/07/2020 Mayeen Talukder       2.00 KIND SOUL US
28 06/07/2020 Omar Shaheed III       1.00 KIND SOUL US
29 06/07/2020 Syed Anwar     10.00 KIND SOUL US
30 06/07/2020 Ubaid Ussen     30.00 UBAID USSEN (one grant) GB
31 06/06/2020 Mohammed Mangera       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
32 06/06/2020 Roman Mushtaq       5.00 KIND SOUL US
33 06/06/2020 saeeda siddiqui     10.00 KIND SOUL US
34 06/06/2020 Mahmoud Yaghnam   100.00 MAHMOUD YAGHNAM (three grants) US
35 06/06/2020 Hanna Maamoun     10.00 KIND SOUL EG
36 06/06/2020 Someria Zulfiqar       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
37 06/06/2020 Gulam M Jeelani     30.00 GULAM M JEELANI (one grant) US
38 06/06/2020 Erkan Yüksel       5.00 KIND SOUL DE
39 06/06/2020 Galyna Kovalenko       5.00 KIND SOUL UA
40 06/06/2020 Mohideen s DAWUD     10.00 KIND SOUL BM
41 06/06/2020 Shaqir Hussyin   100.00 SHAQIR HUSSYIN (three grants) GB
42 06/06/2020 Humaira Aslam     10.00 KIND SOUL US
43 06/06/2020 Tanvir Khan       8.00 KIND SOUL US
44 06/06/2020 Vits Consulting     30.00 Vits Consulting (one grant) US
45 06/06/2020 M Jacobs       5.00 KIND SOUL ZA
46 06/06/2020 MR S MAHMOOD       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
47 06/06/2020 Muhamad Zikri Bin Abd Haris       5.00 KIND SOUL MY
48 06/06/2020 Naq Rahman     30.00 NAQ RAHMAN ( one grant) US
49 06/06/2020 L BELLOULI       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
50 06/06/2020 Fahd Azad       1.00 KIND SOUL AE
51 06/06/2020 Ahamed Khot     15.00 AHAMED KHOT (half grant) GB
52 06/06/2020 Irfan Hafeez   100.00 IRFAN HAFEEZ (three grants) US
53 06/06/2020 Sara Khan     30.00 SARA KHAN (one grant) US
54 06/06/2020 Sister in Allah     10.00 KIND SOUL US
55 06/06/2020 Ruqiya Khan     11.00 KIND SOUL US
56 06/06/2020 AHMER BALOH     10.00 KIND SOUL QA
57 06/06/2020 Ammar Butt       3.00 KIND SOUL CA
58 06/06/2020 Abdulrahim Iqbal     10.00 KIND SOUL US
59 06/06/2020 Asif Chow       2.00 KIND SOUL US
60 06/06/2020 Karimah Khanum     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
61 06/06/2020 Rukaya Abdulai       5.00 KIND SOUL US
62 06/06/2020 Idrissa Kamara       4.00 KIND SOUL US
63 06/06/2020 Raffa Ello       1.00 KIND SOUL NO
64 06/05/2020 Fatima Uddin     10.00 KIND SOUL US
65 06/05/2020 Humaira Malik     14.00 KIND SOUL US
66 06/05/2020 Rita Cortese   100.00 RITA CORTESE (three grants) US
67 06/05/2020 Romie Salem   100.00 ROMIE SALEM ( three grants) US
68 06/05/2020 Khalid Hassan       5.00 KIND SOUL US
69 06/05/2020 Hasan Mujtaba Cheema     30.00 HASAN MUJTABA CHEEMA (one grant) GB
70 06/05/2020 Bachir Al Sawaf       4.00 KIND SOUL DE
71 06/05/2020 Omair Haq     30.00 OMAIR HAQ (one grant) US
72 06/05/2020 Noor     15.00 NOOR (half grant) AE
73 06/05/2020 Mohammad Alshaibani       5.00 KIND SOUL US
74 06/05/2020 Mohammed Abdrabboh     10.00 KIND SOUL US
75 06/05/2020 Anonymous     15.00 KIND SOUL (half grant) US
76 06/05/2020 Imran Khan     10.00 KIND SOUL US
77 06/05/2020 Mohamed Mohamed       5.00 KIND SOUL CA
78 06/05/2020 Amun k junejo       5.00 KIND SOUL US
79 06/05/2020 Wasiu Tadjou       8.00 KIND SOUL US
80 06/05/2020 H K     30.00 HK (one grant) GB
81 06/05/2020 Osama Sherif Ebrahim       1.00 KIND SOUL EG
82 06/05/2020 sana haye       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
83 06/05/2020 Zaeem Rana       6.00 KIND SOUL GB
84 06/05/2020 Humza Sheikh       5.00 KIND SOUL US
85 06/05/2020 ABDULKADER     10.00 KIND SOUL FR
86 06/05/2020 Mirza Baig     15.00 MIRZA BAIG (half grant) US
87 06/05/2020 MR S MAHMOOD     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
88 06/05/2020 Mohammed Mustafa     17.00 MOHAMMED MUSTAFA (half grant) NZ
89 06/05/2020 Salma Jibril     10.00 KIND SOUL US
90 06/05/2020 SAADIA NOOR ISHFAQ     10.00 KIND SOUL US
91 06/05/2020 Mahmood Usmani       5.00 KIND SOUL US
92 06/05/2020 A4na R4na       5.00 KIND SOUL CA
93 06/05/2020 Muhammad Luqman Bin Mohamed     15.00 Muhammad Luqman Bin Mohamed (half grant) SG
94 06/05/2020 gulsen Saykli       5.00 KIND SOUL CA
95 06/05/2020 FIKRI AKMAL       5.00 KIND SOUL SG
96 06/05/2020 Arisha Jaffrey       2.00 KIND SOUL US
97 06/05/2020 Hisham Garout     30.00 HISHAM GAROUT (one grant) SA
98 06/05/2020 Rouguia Barry       5.00 KIND SOUL US
99 06/05/2020 Anass Sebti       2.00 KIND SOUL CA
100 06/05/2020 Mohammed A Siddiqi   100.00 MOHAMMED A SIDDIQI (3 grants) US
101 06/05/2020 Nik Raihan Nik Mustapha     30.00 NIK RAIHAN NIK MUSTAPHA (one grant) MY
102 06/05/2020 Humaid Sohail     50.00 HUMAID SOHAIL (two grants) CA
103 06/05/2020 Maisarah Mydin       3.00 KIND SOUL SG
104 06/05/2020 hailey     10.00 KIND SOUL AU
105 06/05/2020 Anonymous     13.00 KIND SOUL MY
106 06/05/2020 Mohammad Ali Akmal     10.00 KIND SOUL AE
107 06/05/2020 Our Family and the Oppressed     30.00 TAALIBDIN  (one grant) US
108 06/05/2020 Salma Jibril     30.00 SALMA JIBRIL (one grant) US
109 06/05/2020 OMAR ISHTIAQUE     10.00 KIND SOUL US
110 06/05/2020 amina hagi     10.00 KIND SOUL CA
111 06/05/2020 Abdullah AlHallak     10.00 KIND SOUL US
112 06/05/2020 Baydan Mohamed     30.00 BAYDAN MOHAMED (one grant) US
113 06/05/2020 Rezia sultana     10.00 KIND SOUL US
114 06/05/2020 Hyder Ahmed     10.00 KIND SOUL US
115 06/04/2020 NurulJay Hafid     10.00 KIND SOUL SG
116 06/04/2020 Mussana Hashmi     10.00 KIND SOUL US
117 06/04/2020 Ghulam Jamil       1.00 KIND SOUL CA
118 06/04/2020 Za Sa     10.00 KIND SOUL CA
119 06/04/2020 Zak Bahlouli     30.00 ZAK BAHLOULI (one grant) AE
120 06/04/2020 Mubeen Sarwar       6.00 KIND SOUL US
121 06/04/2020 S Khan     10.00 KIND SOUL US
122 06/04/2020 Abraar Ahmed     30.00 ABRAAR AHMED (one grant) GB
123 06/04/2020 Waleed Abukhaled     10.00 KIND SOUL US
124 06/04/2020 N Naseer       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
125 06/04/2020 Feras ahmed       5.00 KIND SOUL SE
126 06/04/2020 omar zaheer     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
127 06/04/2020 Mustafa Inam ali     10.00 KIND SOUL KW
128 06/04/2020 swag life     10.00 KIND SOUL CA
129 06/04/2020 Iman Amal     10.00 KIND SOUL US
130 06/04/2020 Omar Elseaidy       5.00 KIND SOUL US
131 06/04/2020 Abdul R Fahim     30.00 ABDUL R FAHIM (one grant) US
132 06/04/2020 H ABDUL HAMID       8.00 KIND SOUL IE
133 06/04/2020 Shama Aboo       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
134 06/04/2020 Rachel White       5.00 KIND SOUL AU
135 06/04/2020 Mirza Islam     10.00 KIND SOUL US
136 06/03/2020 Farhana abdul halim       2.00 KIND SOUL MY
137 06/03/2020 Maemuna Ahmed       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
138 06/03/2020 UMAR & SOFIA     45.00 UMAR & SOFIA ( one and half grant) US
139 06/03/2020 N Mulla       5.00 KIND SOUL US
140 06/03/2020 Mohammad Aref       3.00 KIND SOUL US
141 06/03/2020 Sana       5.00 KIND SOUL US
142 06/03/2020 Zohaib Salim       8.00 KIND SOUL US
143 06/03/2020 Hadiza S Kazaure   100.00 HADIZA S KAZAURE (3 grants) US
144 06/03/2020 Shardi Helmi Bin Awang @ Ibrahim       1.00 KIND SOUL MY
145 06/03/2020 Mahmud Arif       5.00 KIND SOUL US
146 06/03/2020 Muna P       4.00 KIND SOUL AU
147 06/03/2020 Diyana Abdullah       5.00 KIND SOUL US
148 06/03/2020 Mohammad Malik       5.00 KIND SOUL US
149 06/03/2020 Mehnaz Moon     10.00 KIND SOUL US
150 06/03/2020 Dorian Diaconu       1.00 KIND SOUL RO
151 06/03/2020 Hassan Masood     15.00 HASSAN MASOOD (half grant) US
152 06/03/2020 Hassan Masood     15.00 HASSAN MASOOD (half grant) US
153 06/03/2020 S C       1.00 KIND SOUL GB
154 06/03/2020 Muhammad Nurhadi       5.00 KIND SOUL SG
155 06/03/2020 Fahad Qureshi     40.00 FAHAD QURESHI (one and half grant) US
156 06/03/2020 Laila hajizadeh       5.00 KIND SOUL CA
157 06/03/2020 Eamdad Hossain     15.00 EAMDAD HOSSAIN (half grant) US
158 06/03/2020 ALAA M ALI       5.00 KIND SOUL US
159 06/03/2020 An anonymous happy soul       5.00 KIND SOUL BN
160 06/03/2020 William Parker     15.00 WILLIAM PARKER (half grant) US
161 06/03/2020 Dalia Fares     30.00 DALIA FARES (one grant) US
162 06/02/2020 Sana Siddiqui     25.00 SANA SIDDIQUI (one grant) US
163 06/02/2020 Alpha Salieu Jallow       1.00 KIND SOUL US
164 06/02/2020 Noor Shah     30.00 NOOR SHAH (one grant) AU
165 06/02/2020 Ahlam Nasser       5.00 KIND SOUL US
166 06/02/2020 Ali Jaynal Abden     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
167 06/02/2020 maliha shaikh       1.00 KIND SOUL US
168 06/02/2020 zeinab bakary       5.00 KIND SOUL US
169 06/02/2020 Ali Alaqayli     16.00 ALI ALAQAYLI (half grant) US
170 06/02/2020 sirhaan khan     15.00 SIRHAAN KHAN (half grant) GB
171 06/02/2020 Soliman Rahman       3.00 KIND SOUL CA
172 06/02/2020 Fozia Amin       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
173 06/02/2020 Ramy Refky       5.00 KIND SOUL DE
174 06/02/2020 M Karim     30.00 M KARIM (one grant) US
175 06/02/2020 Awais Rafiq       1.00 KIND SOUL US
176 06/02/2020 kadri koc   139.00 KADRI KOC (four grants) NL
177 06/02/2020 Sana Nasir       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
178 06/02/2020 Haisam Sayyed       1.00 KIND SOUL US
179 06/02/2020 RATIBOU Zahrmina     10.00 KIND SOUL FR
180 06/02/2020 I Patel       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
181 06/02/2020 salim mohamed riyami   250.00 SALIM MOHAMED RIYAMI (eight grants) OM
182 06/02/2020 Siti Omar     10.00 KIND SOUL US
183 06/02/2020 swag life     10.00 KIND SOUL CA
184 06/02/2020 Malikah Muzammil       5.00 KIND SOUL US
185 06/02/2020 Oss Khaled       5.00 KIND SOUL US
186 06/02/2020 Alifa Ajmal       1.00 KIND SOUL IN
187 06/02/2020 Ghanwa Awan       1.00 KIND SOUL CA
188 06/02/2020 Mehwand Shah       3.00 KIND SOUL US
189 06/02/2020 maliha shaikh       2.00 KIND SOUL US
190 06/02/2020 Anonymous Anonymous       5.00 KIND SOUL US
191 06/02/2020 Affan Salman       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
192 06/02/2020 Anam     10.00 KIND SOUL US
193 06/02/2020 Abdul Hakim Bin Kader Sultan       1.00 KIND SOUL MY
194 06/02/2020 Souha Ben Romdhane     15.00 SOUHA BEN ROMDHANE (half grant) CA
195 06/02/2020 Waqas Qazi     12.00 KIND SOUL US
196 06/02/2020 Jamal Ghani     10.00 KIND SOUL US
197 06/02/2020 JEHANZEB       1.00 KIND SOUL AE
198 06/02/2020 Morgan Isaksson     15.00 MORGAN ISAKSSON (half grant) SE
199 06/02/2020 Anika Shakir     41.00 ANIKA SHAKIR (one and half  grants) US
200 06/02/2020 Sania Siddiqui       1.00 KIND SOUL CA
201 06/01/2020 Nurul Saion       2.00 KIND SOUL SG
202 06/01/2020 Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye     24.00 THULFIQAR AL-RUBAYE (one grant) CA
203 06/01/2020 Anum Atique       5.00 KIND SOUL CA
204 06/01/2020 UMAR & SOFIA     30.00 UMAR & SOFIA (one grant) US
205 06/01/2020 Yusub pashaev     30.00 YUSUB PASHAEV (one grant) DK
206 06/01/2020 Rebin Sofi     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
207 06/01/2020 Mayeen Talukder       7.00 KIND SOUL US
208 06/01/2020 Ahmed Nur       5.00 KIND SOUL US
209 06/01/2020 Asfand Shahab     10.00 KIND SOUL US
210 06/01/2020 Anonymous       1.00 KIND SOUL GB
211 06/01/2020 Bachir Al Sawaf       4.00 KIND SOUL DE
212 06/01/2020 Anne Wienholz     10.00 KIND SOUL IE
213 06/01/2020 S C       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
214 06/01/2020 zakaria laichi     30.00 ZAKARIA LAICHI (one grant) CA
215 06/01/2020 Aquil Bryant     30.00 AQUIL BRYANT (one grant) US
216 06/01/2020 Ahsan Gani     10.00 KIND SOUL US
217 06/01/2020 Ayesha Siddiqui     15.00 AYESHA SIDDIQUI (half grant) US
218 06/01/2020 Muhammad Z. Azhar       1.00 KIND SOUL US
219 06/01/2020 So Nia       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
220 06/01/2020 marina rahim       4.00 KIND SOUL US
221 06/01/2020 Maria Siddika       5.00 KIND SOUL AU
222 06/01/2020 alen halilagic       2.00 KIND SOUL SI
223 06/01/2020 Nasirah Dwenzers     30.00 NASIRAH DWENZERS (one grant) SG
224 06/01/2020 Muhammad chowdhury     15.00 MUHAMMAD CHOWDHURY (half grant) GB
225 06/01/2020 Mohammad Ali     10.00 KIND SOUL US
226 06/01/2020 Ehmetjan Tohtaji       2.00 KIND SOUL NZ
227 05/23/2020 Fatima Yousaf     70.00 FATIMA YOUSAF – (two grants) US
228 05/23/2020 Dalia Fares     30.00 DALIA FARES (one  grant) US
229 05/23/2020 Dalia Fares     30.00 DALIA FARES (one grant) US
230 05/22/2020 Dalia Fares     30.00 DALIA FARES (one grants) US
231 05/22/2020 Abdullah Rehman     30.00 ABDULLAH REHMAN (one grant) GB
232 05/21/2020 Miss a rajput       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
233 05/20/2020 Shaz Abedean     15.00 SHAS ABEDEAN (half grant) GB
234 05/20/2020 Muhammad Bilal Munir   100.00 MUHAMMAD BILAL MUNIR (3 grants) US
235 05/19/2020 MR O RAHMAAN     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
236 05/19/2020 amel s       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
237 05/19/2020 Ebrima Sallah       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
238 05/19/2020 Shuhani Shohid       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
239 05/19/2020 sana haye       8.00 KIND SOUL GB
240 05/19/2020 M Zubair Jhandeer     70.00 M ZUBAIR JHANDEER (two grants) GB
241 05/19/2020 Amer Hamed     30.00 AMER HAMED GB
242 05/19/2020 Omar Salamat     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
243 05/16/2020 Kayele Silue     17.00 KAYELE SILUE (half grant) US
244 05/16/2020 Zaeem Rana     10.00 KIND SOUL GB
245 05/16/2020 Linda Sanford   100.00 LINDA SANDFORD (three grants) US
246 05/16/2020 Sidra Haye     30.00 SIDRA HAYE (one grant) US
247 05/16/2020 M a awan       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
248 05/16/2020 Dr Alweena Awan     30.00 DR ALWEENA AWAN (one grant) GB
249 05/15/2020 Matallah Hussein     30.00 MATALLAH HUSSEIN (one grant) GB
250 05/13/2020 DR ABDULRAHIM ZEGUGU   100.00 DR ABDULRAHIM ZEGUGU (3 grants) GB
251 05/12/2020 Mr AJ Roberts     30.00 A J ROBERTS (one grant) GB
252 05/11/2020 Amer Hamed     30.00 AMER HAMED (one grant) GB
253 05/11/2020 Farooq A Shah   100.00 Dr FAROOQ SHAH (3 grants) GB
254 05/10/2020 Usman Ejaz     10.04 KIND SOUL CA
255 05/09/2020 sana haye       2.00 KIND SOUL GB
256 05/07/2020 A Z Zeidan     30.00 A Z ZEIDAN (one grant) GB
257 05/06/2020 M Zubair Jhandeer   100.00 M ZUBAIR JHANDEER (3 grants) GB
258 05/03/2020 MISS M SHAHID     50.00 MISS M SHAHID (2 grants) GB
259 05/02/2020 Anonymous     30.00 SAJJAD MINHAS (one grant) CA
260 05/01/2020 Sarfraz Ali     30.00 SARFARAZ ALI (one grant) GB
261 04/29/2020 S khan     30.00 S KHAN (one grant) GB
262 04/29/2020 Zaeem Rana       5.00 KIND SOUL GB
263 04/28/2020 Diane-Khaled Chamaa       2.00 KIND SOUL CA
264 04/28/2020 A khan   100.00 A KHAN  (3 grants) GB
265 04/28/2020 Tabassum Khan     30.00 TABASSUM KHAN (one grant) GB
266 04/27/2020 rabea benkadi       6.00 KIND SOUL GB
267 04/26/2020 sana haye       4.00 KIND SOUL GB
268 04/26/2020 Tabassum Shahid   100.00 TABASSUM SHAHID (3 grants) GB
269 04/26/2020 Sidra Haye     30.00 SIDRA HAYE (one grant) US
270 04/26/2020 Shaheen Uqaili     30.00 DR SHAHEEN UQAILI (one grant) GB
271 04/25/2020 Rashid Malik     30.00 DR RASHID MALIK (one grant) GB
272 04/25/2020 Fatima Khawar     30.00 FATIMA KHAWAR (one grant) US
273 04/25/2020 AbdulHayy Salloo     15.00 ABDUL HAYY SALOO (half grant) GB
274 04/25/2020 sana haye       2.00 KIND SOUL GB
275 04/19/2020 Ahmed Mushtaq       2.00 KIND SOUL AU
276 04/15/2020 Rashid Malik     30.00 DR RASHID MALIK (one grant) GB
277 04/15/2020 sana haye       2.00 KIND SOUL GB


Numerous diseases are already endemic in Yemen and years of civil war has displaced millions. More than 24 million Yemenis – 80% of the population – are in need of humanitarian assistance. Half of the country’s health facilities are dysfunctional and nearly a quarter of the country’s districts have no doctors.

The UN is warning that the international community is in a race against time to save Yemen, ravaged by years of man-made famine and war, now also seeing some of the highest mortality rates because of COVID-19.  The UN says 17 per cent of those infected there are dying, and doctors warn a silent disaster is unfolding in the community.

According to Sky news, Coronavirus will ‘delete Yemen from maps all over the world’.

Sameera Foundation purchased 14,000 surgical masks,  PP+PE Overalls,  Finger pulse oximeter and Laser thermometers for hospital in Yemen. The items are purchased from China and will be sent to Alsdaka Hospital, Adden.



𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐚 𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 recently purchased 𝐏𝐏𝐄 worth £3,500 from China and sent to 𝓐𝓵𝓼𝓪𝓭𝓪𝓴𝓪 Teaching Hospital, Yemen for distribution to hospitals staff in Yemen. The Foundation also purchased and gifted 20,000 tablets of 0.5 mg 𝐃𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐞, 3,448 𝐃𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐞 injections of 4 mg vials and 8,000 dexamethasone injection of 8mg vials. The 𝐍𝐇𝐒 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐠𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐃𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃-𝟏𝟗 𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬.
The General Director of Alsadaka Hospital profoundly thanked the Sameera Foundation for previously gifted baby Incubator as well as for the quantity of urgently required medicines sent now to be distributed for other 𝐘𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧 Hospitals. Alsadaka is a central, referral, general and teaching hospital and many low socioeconomic status and poor people are the visitors of this hospital for treatment of 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃-𝟏𝟗 Pandemic. Dr Ramzi gifted, on our behalf, 10,000 vials of Dexamethasone for 𝓚𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓯𝓪 Hospital, Altorba, Tais. The hospital staff acknowledge gratefully our contribution through video. The medicines will be gifted to other hospitals also dealing with corona virus patients.

The details are reported on the Social Media and available on the following link:


The Khaleefa Hospital requested Sameera Foundation the desperately required six regulators for their life saving ventilators. The Foundation purchased and these were installed on the life saving ventilators used for COVID-19 treatment.

The donations received are presented in the table:

                                           DONATIONS RECEIVED

                                                   IN RAMAHAN 2020

DateName Mode

APPEAL donations

22/05/2020Anonymous/Musaddiq Moghal50.00ppgf
26/05/2020Dr Farooq Shah220.00sfa
26/05/2020Zeidan Adib30.00sfa
26/05/2020S Wani10.00sfa
26/05/2020Dr Shahzad Lateef30.00sfa
01/06/2020Dr Rauf Sheikh250.00ppgf
04/06/2020T khan10.00sfa
04/06/2020S Khan50.00sfa
05/06/2020M Hussain10.00sfa
06/06/2020Dr Radwan Abdulla (anony)100.00ppgf
08/06/2020Gibby & Warren100.00sfa
08/06/2020Dr Shaheen Uqaili50.00sfa
08/06/2020A H G Ahmed10.00sfa
08/06/2020Dr Rauf Sheikh250.00ppgf
10/06/2020TDS Consult100.00pfa
10/06/2020Dr Saad Al-Ismail50.00ppgf
11/06/2020Maizarina AW Zakaria5.00ppgf
11/06/2020Dr Aynul Islam10.00ppgf
12/06/2020S M Iqbal100.00sfa
13/06/2020Dr Deana Al-Ismail (T Anjum)100.00TotalGiving
13/06/2020T Anjum100.00ppgf
13/06/2020Mohamed Hashem25.00ppgf
13/06/2020Homa Jamil20.00TotalGiving
13/06/2020Mrs Farah Haider (Dr Shaheen)70.00sfa
13/06/2020Umema (Dr Shaheen)50.00sfa
15/06/2020Amount transferred for PPE-3,736.83 
 Kind Soul – Leeds1,360.00 
15/06/2020Kind Soul from Swansea200.00sfa
19/06/2020Dr Qazi Anjum              400.00TotalGiving
20/06/2020Amount used for purchase of life saving Dexamethasone for four hospitals of Yemen–        1,000.00 
22/06/2020Charities Aid Foundation                60.00Cheque
22/06/2020M A Rahman                50.00sfa