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Numerous diseases are already endemic in Yemen and years of civil war has displaced millions. More than 24 million Yemenis – 80% of the population – are in need of humanitarian assistance. Half of the country’s health facilities are dysfunctional and nearly a quarter of the country’s districts have no doctors.

The UN is warning that the international community is in a race against time to save Yemen, ravaged by years of man-made famine and war, now also seeing some of the highest mortality rates because of COVID-19.  The UN says 17 per cent of those infected there are dying, and doctors warn a silent disaster is unfolding in the community.

According to Sky news, Coronavirus will ‘delete Yemen from maps all over the world’.

Sameera Foundation purchased 14,000 surgical masks,  PP+PE Overalls,  Finger pulse oximeter and Laser thermometers for hospital in Yemen. The items are purchased from China and will be sent to Alsdaka Hospital, Adden.

The donations received are presented in the table:

                                           DONATIONS RECEIVED

                                                   IN RAMAHAN 2020

Date Name   Mode

APPEAL donations

22/05/2020 Anonymous/Musaddiq Moghal 50.00 ppgf
22/05/2020 Anonymous 20.00 ppgf
22/05/2020 Anonymous 5.00 ppgf
22/05/2020 Anonymous 25.00 ppgf
26/05/2020 Dr Farooq Shah 220.00 sfa
26/05/2020 Zeidan Adib 30.00 sfa
26/05/2020 S Wani 10.00 sfa
26/05/2020 Dr Shahzad Lateef 30.00 sfa
01/06/2020 Dr Rauf Sheikh 250.00 ppgf
04/06/2020 T khan 10.00 sfa
04/06/2020 S Khan 50.00 sfa
05/06/2020 M Hussain 10.00 sfa
06/06/2020 Dr Radwan Abdulla (anony) 100.00 ppgf
06/06/2020 Anonymous 25.00 ppgf
08/06/2020 Gibby & Warren 100.00 sfa
08/06/2020 Dr Shaheen Uqaili 50.00 sfa
08/06/2020 A H G Ahmed 10.00 sfa
06/06/2020 Anonymous 50.00 ppgf
06/06/2020 Anonymous 10.00 ppgf
08/06/2020 Dr Rauf Sheikh 250.00 ppgf
10/06/2020 TDS Consult 100.00 pfa
10/06/2020 Dr Saad Al-Ismail 50.00 ppgf
11/06/2020 Maizarina AW Zakaria 5.00 ppgf
11/06/2020 Dr Aynul Islam 10.00 ppgf
12/06/2020 S M Iqbal 100.00 sfa
13/06/2020 Dr Deana Al-Ismail (T Anjum) 100.00 TotalGiving
13/06/2020 T Anjum 100.00 ppgf
13/06/2020 Mohamed Hashem 25.00 ppgf
13/06/2020 Anonymous 10.00 ppgf
13/06/2020 Homa Jamil 20.00 TotalGiving
13/06/2020 Mrs Farah Haider (Dr Shaheen) 70.00 sfa
13/06/2020 Umema (Dr Shaheen) 50.00 sfa
15/06/2020 Amount transferred for PPE -3,736.83  
  Kind Soul – Leeds 1,360.00  
15/06/2020 Kind Soul from Swansea 200.00 sfa
19/06/2020 Dr Qazi Anjum               400.00 TotalGiving
20/06/2020 Amount used for purchase of life saving Dexamethasone for four hospitals of Yemen –        1,000.00  
22/06/2020 Charities Aid Foundation                 60.00 Cheque
22/06/2020 M A Rahman                 50.00 sfa




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