We received an Urgent Appeal from Kremia Locality Voluntary Group as the situation is dire around Tripoli during the month of Ramadhan. Unfortunately, there is neither any registered charity working in that region nor government taking any practical step to help the poor community. It is only the voluntary or goodwill groups working in that region to provide essential food and medical treatment to the war victims. The war has intensified around Tripoli during last 12 months and there is a lot of cross fire between two fighting groups. This has created a desperate situation for vulnerable and thousands of displaced people especially during Corona Virus Pandemic.

The poor, elderly, vulnerable and children are in desperate need of basic food, medicine, and simple protective PPE for people in  need of daily necessities of life. An Appeal was launched by Dr Ahmad Salamat with the support of Sameera Foundation. The donations received are presented in the table below:

The Foundation sent the donations of £12,500 to Al-Bir Foundation for Development and Social Welfare, Tripoli, Libya. The Al-Bir Foundation is a Libyan Registered Charity and it gave £2,500 (LYD18,600) to Kremia Voluntary Group for providing food packs to families in need. £5,450 (LYD38,150) were distributed to families in desperate need, £3,050 (LYD22,125) were distributed to 31 families with an average of 7 family members and £1,500 (LYD10,500) will be distributed soon. The Foundation keeps the complete information of recipients of humanitarian support.

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